Wednesday, July 2, 2014


         My host family and a few family friends went to Malta last Wednesday (25th). Malta is an island located bellow Secili, and is the smallest country part of the European union. We took the plane at Treviso and in about 2 hours we arrived in Malta. It was around 11 when we got there so was dark and I could not see much. We took the taxi and went straight the the hotel. 
     In the next morning we woke up around 9, had breakfast and went to the pool. In  our hotel the pool is almost at the ocean which is very nice. We stayed at the pool till about 3 and then went to are rooms and rest. Around 6 we left for st. Julien, which is the part that has a lot of bars and restaurants. We Had dinner in a beautiful harbor full of yachts, (the food was a little particular/weird).Before going home we stopped at this place were you put your feet under the water and the fishes eat all the dead skin.It was a terrifying experience,is such a weird sensation and it tickles so bad! at least I got to laugh a little with the photos they took of me. After that we took the bus to the hotel. 
        The next day  we took the sightseeing bus to visit all the historical places in Malta. The island has a very interesting history, it was used as a military base for so many different countries through out the years, and is the place where most bombs have been drooped in the world. All the constructions in Malta follow an Arabic architecture,  because it was colonized by Arabian populations in its early history. The language spoken in Malta is called Maltese and in the only language that have Arabic routes but uses a latin alphabet. Then Malta was taken over the British, that is why they drive on the "wrong side" of the vehicle and also have English as native language. In the end of the tour, the bus left us in beach, and there we stayed for a few hours till another bus came and picked us up and brought us back to the hotel. We rested for a while and then we went for a walk in Buggiba, that was 15 minutes walking from are hotel. In are way there we were able to see this beautiful sunset, it was really magical. 
       The following day we went to the island of Cumino, in a place called Blue lagoon and oh my god is paradise there. The water is crystal clear, is so beautiful, also all the rock formations are incredible. We stayed all afternoon there. To get there we took a bout, and while we were there the bout stayed there. We were just hanging out there and then my host sister, are friend and I decided to jump of the bout. I never jumped from a place that high and is an amazing feeling,  there was a split of a second that lasted for so long, I don't know how to explain the feeling, it was just amazing. In the end We became friends with the crew in the bout and the ride back was really funny. We came back to the hotel, rested and went to the "old city" which is call Medina. It was the main stratigic point on the island, because is the furthest point from the ocean, so during the war they could see an attack coming from far, and get prepared. The city is all soured by walls. The inside is so calm it gets boring, I mean in a historical point of view is a beautiful place, but it seems like gosht town, that's is why it's nickname is silent city. 
       In the next morning we got up, packed everything, hanged out by the pool for an few hours and then left to catch are plane to Italy. I had so much with my host family in those 3 days, too bad it went so fast. I leave for Brazil a  day, and it does not feel real yet, i cant believe is almost over. Can't even put on words how much I'm gonna miss everything here!  


        On tuesday the 24th ,I went to Venezia with my host sister. The main reason I wanted to come was because I had an appointment with the "Universita Ca'Foscari" international welcome desk, which is a service for international students that want to come study in Italy. I had a brief meeting with the coordinator of the welcome desk service, where she explained all the things I need to do and documents I need to bring if I have interest in coming here to study. But before that me and my host sister stopped by the Piazza San Marco and Ponte Vecchio, which are the main touristic spots in Venezia. Those places are so beautiful, I love it!! Visiting Venezia is always nice and I can't believe that in about a week I'm not gonna be nearly as close to it as I'm now. 

          I'm almost going home, and I can't lie is a crazy feeling... There is a part of me i wish I could stay, but also that is a part of me that is happy to come back home to  my "normal life". I really can't say how I'm actually feeling right now, is very  bitter sweet.